Michael Hill’s Blues Mob

Saturday, March 30th, 2019


Michael Hill’s Blues Mob celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the release of their “Bloodlines” album with an intimate electric celebration! Join us as Michael, is joined by Pete Cummings on Bass and Bill McClellan on drums to present “Bloodlines”, an evening of amazing electric blues!

Michael Hill brings joy with him wherever he goes. Perhaps an odd qualification for a master of the Blues. But true. Michael is full of life, joyful, powerful and a performer that can make you feel good even while he sings the Blues. But he can make you cry too. His songs invoke strong feelings. The subjects of lost love, social injustice and racism are the canvas on which he paints vivid pictures with his music and lyrics. But he never lets us forget that living through hard times is cause for celebration!

Michael has the distinction of being the performer who has performed for Brooklyn Music Shop audiences more than any other. Each performance brings new inspiration and often include great collaborations.