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Quarter Horse is an Americana/Folk/Rock Powerhouse! Not easily categorized, these talented musicians share a connection and musical passion that is reminiscent (to me) of The Band. Not because they sound like them, although there are vague similarities, but because as a group, they create a unique sound all their own. Soaring harmonies, unique instrumentation and a versatility among the players contribute to a sound and experience that can easily make you laugh or cry.

Winners of the 2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase, they will raise the roof at the Homestead! We are excited to present them. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a new band in an intimate setting!

Tickets: $25 (Cash at the Door)
Photo: Jay Lee

Garland Jeffreys is a Rocker, Garland Jeffreys is a legend, Garland Jeffreys should be a household name. I am equally impressed and bemused each time I have the good fortune to see and hear Garland perform. The power and grace he brings to the stage will embrace you. His writing is personal and speaks directly to each of us and the times we live in.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to present Garland in a trio that will deliver a performance that will long be remembered as an epic evening of live music! I hope that you have the good sense to join us as we present a not to be missed performance!

Tickets: $35 (Cash at the Door)

Michael Hill brings joy with him wherever he goes. Perhaps an odd qualification for a master of the Blues. But true. Michael is full of life, joyful, powerful and a performer that can make you feel good even while he sings the Blues. But he can make you cry too. His songs invoke strong feelings. The subjects of lost love, social injustice and racism are the canvas on which he paints vivid pictures with his music and lyrics. But he never lets us forget that living through hard times is cause for celebration!

Michael has the distinction of being the performer who has performed for Brooklyn Music Shop audiences more than any other. Each performance brings new inspiration and often include great collaborations.

Tickets: $25 (Cash at the Door)