Stefan Bauer’s Voyage West

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

As you may have realized. I am a fan of a very wide spectrum of musical styles. In recent years, through the beauty and complexity of his music, Stefan Bauer has opened me up to Jazz in new and exciting ways. Vibraphonist extraordinaire, Stefan brings a whole new experience to the Brooklyn Music Shop! We are honored to welcome Voyage West back to the Homestead and look forward to another night of exceptional performance!

With Tammy Scheffer creating vocals that entrance and charm. Chris Bacas delivering soprano and tenor sax that drives the medleys, Maryann McSweeney providing Bass as a backbone, Deyon Seok creating sweeping percussion and Stefan riding above it all with electrifying Vibes, this is truly takes on a Voyage West into worlds of sounds and sensation!

Please join us as we take this exceptional journey together!